Massage and Energy work offered for injury as a result of an Auto Accident


If you have been in a car accident many times your nervous system is affected along with aches and pains in your muscles. Jennifer can bill your auto insurance company for massage thru a program called "Med Pay" to alleviate some of this pain and discomfort.

Being in a car accident is a huge hassle. Even minor fender benders can not only cause damage to your vehicle, but also inflict various personal injuries such as whiplash, headaches, numbness and tingling, back and hip pain and more. Frequently, people think their auto insurance policy only covers the vehicles in the case of an accident. What people don’t know is their policies will also often include Medical Payment Coverage, otherwise known as “MedPay.” MedPay will cover various medical bills incurred in a car accident.


what is included in the MedPay Coverage?

  • A minimum of $5,000 in medical expenses but can also be purchased in much larger increments

  • Coverage for you and your passengers

  • This includes the minimum $5000 each for anyone who is driving your vehicle, passengers, or if you are driving someone else’s vehicle.

  • Can help with massage and medical costs


Some misunderstandings of MedPay Coverage:

  • Many think that if they file a claim it will affect their rates
  • The only thing that can affect your rates is if you were at fault in the accident, in which case, considering you already have to file the claim you might as well use the benefits YOU pay for as part of your policy.
  • It only covers doctor bills

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Call Jennifer to make an appointment for massage combined with energy work to alleviate your pain and discomfort from an Auto Accident.