I have been practicing as a Certified Massage Therapist since 2009. I received my rigorous massage training through the well renowned and no longer, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, (BCMT).

I specialize in Upper Extremity ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE, which includes; Head, Neck, Shoulders and Arms. I love working on the upper body, and helping my clients find relief from their ACHES and PAINS.

I also enjoy working with people in physical pain and discomfort from an AUTO ACCIDENT and most times, even years after the accident, there can be residual gait problems, trauma and pain. I can bill MED-PAY which is usually provided through a client’s personal auto insurance, and can be up to $10,000 worth of treatment to alleviate your discomfort. I can also bill for Workman’s Compensation claims.

Many of my clients benefit from Massage for their upper body - often they display symptoms of numbness and tingling in their fingers and hands from sitting at a desk job every day, symptoms of THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME and CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME as well as MIGRAINE HEADACHES and pain from the stresses of every day life. Combined with REIKI for relaxation, my full body massage treatments leave my clients feeling pain free, blissful, and usually returning for more.