Jennifer Knowles, Reiki Master, LMT, offers intuitive bodywork including massage and energy work. The Knowing Path, is illuminated by each individual being, and their spirit guides. Jennifer is able to follow this path and with her own healing guides and can follow the innate wisdom of each body. She is able to see each client as a light being.

Based in Longmont, CO, she holds a safe place to unwind, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Much of her work focuses on balancing the nervous system which allows your organs and tissues to function better. She combines her 10+ years of experience working with bodies and sees each client in a holistic light, by addressing, mind, body, spirit, and energy field, to help her clients move through their life’s challenges with ease and optimal wellness. She uses Polarity Therapy, Reiki and Acupressure during her sessions and also uses doTerra essential oils to support you where you are at each treatment.

What to expect for your first energy-therapy treatment:

  • Jennifer will tap into your energy field and determine what sort of a treatment you need

  • Please wear comfortable clothing without zippers or a hood for energy-therapy, you will be fully clothed during the session

  • Treatments include a variety of acupressure, energetic movement with hands on and off the body, Reiki, aromatherapy, deep pressure point release, and Chakra balancing.

  • You can expect to leave each session feeling centered and grounded.


Treatment sessions promote:

  • Natural balance between your mind, body and spirit

  • Calmer nervous system- feel more ease in your body

  • Decreased pain and increased mobility

  • A clearer mind and improved focus

  • Release of emotional and chemical toxins

  • Better digestion

  • Lower level of anxiety

  • Release energetic blockages and karmic energy

  • Feel more vital and alive

  • Learn tools to shield your energy field






Located in the Greenpoint Roofing Building-

1030 Boston Ave

Suite 102- East side entrance

Longmont, CO 80501